Izumi Interchange

The store with the largest collection of "new used DVDs" in Double-X♪
In the screening room, we have started renting comics!

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Address51 Osawakido, Nanakita, Izumi-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi
HoursOpen 24 hours a day
Parking Lot33 cars
Payment ServicesJCB ○
Mastercard ○
UnionPay ✕

Electronic payment ✕


Public Transportation

A 4-minute walk from Osawa 2-chrome bus stop.


1-minute drive on Route 4 toward Osaki and Morioka after exiting the Izumi Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway.

Store Gallery


sex toy
Used DVDs
New DVDs
Preview Room
an arcade game where UFO-like cranes capture stuffed animals, etc.

*Products handled may differ from those listed above depending on store conditions. Please contact the store for details.

*Services not handled at the store are indicated in light color.

Preview Room Information

Preview Room Information

Super Double-X's private video (preview room) does not require membership registration, and I want to watch DVDs in a short time! I want to take a rest in a private room! Take a shower and refresh yourself! We provide you with a comfortable space with Wi-Fi and a key.

Recommended Adult Toys

Recommended Adult Toys

We have a great selection of adult goods that are released every month! We look forward to serving you with a selection of goods that only a specialty store can offer!