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Double X across the street from the ancient tomb!
The headquarters of eroticism where you can find everything!

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Address4-8, Tohmizuka Higashi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi
HoursOpen 24 hours a day
Parking LotYes (29 cars)
Payment ServicesJCB ○
Mastercard ○
UnionPay ○

Electronic payment ○
Please check with the store for details.


Public Transportation

Approximately 7 minutes walk from Kasumi-no-Me Office, Sendai City Transportation Bureau


Located on Route 4, in the opposite lane of the Toomizuka burial mound

Store Gallery


sex toy
Used DVDs
New DVDs
Preview Room
an arcade game where UFO-like cranes capture stuffed animals, etc.

*Products handled may differ from those listed above depending on store conditions. Please contact the store for details.

*Services not handled at the store are indicated in light color.

Preview Room Information

Preview Room Information

Super Double-X's private video (preview room) does not require membership registration, and I want to watch DVDs in a short time! I want to take a rest in a private room! Take a shower and refresh yourself! We provide you with a comfortable space with Wi-Fi and a key.

Recommended Adult Toys

Recommended Adult Toys

We have a great selection of adult goods that are released every month! We look forward to serving you with a selection of goods that only a specialty store can offer!